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Without tenses

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May 7, 2013

Tell Me What You Think:                                                                                                      

A very nice-looking, honest appearing man came to me with a request.  He has a daughter who, for the last two years, has been taking a German course - the daughter is studying a few other languages as well.  Anyway, this daughter has a translation assignment that is due for class tomorrow.  Yes, and apparently she has waited, as many of us do, until the last minute to get this done.  It should be a rather simple matter --  for one who has been taking a German-language course for two years -- of translating a little passage about Stuttgart, Germany.  The passage has maybe 150 to 200 hundred words.  And really, none of the wording looks to be above her 'should be' study-level.  In fact, the wording or the vocabulary is within the range of one who has been taking a German course for only one year or less -- it is quite basic.  My question to you is, "Do I do it for her?"  The father has promised me that he will have his daughter take courses with me -- I teach private classes.  I truly doubt that I will ever see either of them again.  And no, I would not consider doing something only for money.  I am not considering her possible business as an incentive for doing something that I find unethical and all so enabling.   I mean, she is not a child - she is of an age of accountability.  Okay, so what is my problem with this?  Why don't I simply just say, "No," and leave it with the reasoning that it would be against my principles?  I am in a culture -- or rather -- a people who do this sort of thing all the time.  No, not everyone does this here -- but many do.  And when I ask for advice on what to do when confronted with this sort of... "closed book" test (it is a personal test with no cheating), I get, "doni, just do it.  What's the big deal? Everybody does it!"

What would you do; do the 'favor' or no?

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