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February 4, 2014

HONESTY can be a tricky issue to talk about; for some cultures—that I have read about or that others have told me about—HONESTY is next to life itself.  To lie would be like cutting your own wrists.  Still, other cultures take honesty—honesty as to one’s word—a little less dramatically.  Some of these people have created “lies of innocence” or WHITE LIES—lies that are really not meant to deceit or to take advantage of others, but are rather—well, COMMON lies—lies that may be seen as “Good Lies”—lies that are more helpful than maybe a truth might be in particular situations—such as sparing the feelings of perhaps a sensitive friend.  No matter how you name a lie—a lie will always be the opposite of truth, and no TRUTH could exist without its opposite LIE.  Having said that, I will accept that not all TRUTH is necessary to be presented to expose lies, as are not all lies necessarily evil by nature and therefore should be exposed when spoken.   Instead of deciding the nature of a thing—as being good or bad based on whether truth or dishonesty of word has been used— rather than looking at the exactness to truth or fable of one’s words, I look at the intent of one’s heart to decide what is good and uplifting, as opposed to those things that tear and destroy.  Again, truth is truth and falsity is falsify—whether one is good or bad is a separate issue.  

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12:31 PM Feb 04 2014



I think a person knows the truth himself that can be good and bad as well. If it's good, he wants it to be better, since we're all coded for improvement. If it's bad, he wants to change it for a good one.

In the first thing, the truth said by another person will be a compliment wich is awesome! Saying a compliment actually makes a compliment to a person who says that. I noticed the one who's optimistic, postitive spread the same energy by saying truthful compliments. There's so much positiviy in a personality that he want share it with others making them happy too by saying nice words which is a sincere truth. Oh, my God, you have such beautiful eyes. You've made it! I like your knitted hat. Keep doing it, it's awesome!  And all that vein.

If you notice something bad in a person. Like, Oh my God!! you're still 35 and havent' made a carreer yet, likw " What have you been doing all your life!!!" or, "why aren't you  married? Go out, mingle with people!!!" and all that "positive" truth that hurts and  doesn't make a person's day for sure. A person knows himself what he/ she needs to catch up with. In this case, I won't tell the truth and and try to support a person by concentrating on his strengths making him a compliment which makes him more confident in achieving his goal about which he's well aware off.

That's why I don't like when somebody in a wise manner says and "and as I said before... let me give you advice..." I think it's makes a person inferior and depressed. For me as well.