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Without tenses

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February 15, 2014


         TO LAY LOW repeat TO LAY LOW

To hide out or to not be noticeable—staying indoors so as not to be seen—to remain quite or out of the public’s eye

Example:   Seeing what was going on, Joe’s group laid low for a few months.

Lay low /léi lóu/ 

         (TO) LAY OFF repeat TO LAY OFF

To put aside or to let go of--as employees or personnel

Example:   The company had to lay off fifty workers.

To ease off or leave alone—to stop bothering or pestering someone or thing—back off

Example:   Lay off, will you? I’m tired.    

         (TO) LAY TO REST repeat TO LAY TO REST

To be buried or to be put “six-feet under”

Example:   When he was laid to rest, that laid to rest the clamor for his resignation.

To stop working with/worrying, talking about, etc.

Example:  We decided to stop worrying about our differences, and laid them all to rest.

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