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March 24, 2014

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Dear Sirs,

Good morning.  I pray that this message finds you well and happy.  I want to tell you that I find your school a joy to work at.  I hope that I can provide you and your students a good service.  

I would like to make a small suggestion in that two of the students there—in the German class—are so much more advanced than the other students that they are—in my opinion—a distraction to the other students, and, therefore, are becoming distractions or hindrances to the building of the learning of their fellow classmates.

Most of the students there in my German class are still in need of laying and building basic footings and foundations before trying to learn more advanced elements of the language of German—but these two highly more advanced students are creating interferences to that construction whenever they interject concepts or knowledge beyond the levels of understanding of the other students—or when they become impatient with the seemingly slow learning of their classmates.

My system or mode of teaching is to design daily classes that will help lay and build strong foundations and firm footings for later advanced learning.  Problems arise when advanced students or actively curious students try and control the construction of study—the direction of study for the classroom.   I am sure that your business was designed to serve the best interest of all your students and not just a few.

Please, any suggestions on how to address and possibly solve this issue would be met with much appreciation.



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02:44 AM Mar 25 2014



This “Sample” letter was posted by request. I had actually written this letter concerning a real issue that I had been faced with by two of my students in one of my language classes. Note: I shared this letter with these two students—very intelligent and capable people. As it turned out—and as had been my true intent and hope—this letter never was sent to the university. These two great individuals understood the position that I was in, and we began working together on how to help the other students. That year, our over-all class grades were higher than any other year previous.