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Without tenses

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March 26, 2014

Possibly due to my old age of forgetting, I have many times had to refer to a dictionary to decide if I wanted to use the word “toward” (without an –s) or “towards” (with an –s), and every time I have gone to a dictionary, I have been met with the same realization—I could have used either spelling.  I guess it’s a matter of “input method”—if my word processor settings are set for American English, I’m prompted to write t.o.w.a.r.d—without an –s.  If I am set up for British English, I am prompted to add an –s.

Anyway, both spellings are “interchangeable”—they mean the same thing.

Note.  May I suggest that the two systems of English get together and decide on one form or another? –it’d sure make learning English a whole lot easier.

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