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Without tenses

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April 21, 2014

Usually, I will accept any serious Friend Request; however, I must tell you again, I am not here to find love or a lover—I simply am not interested.  I am an old man—I have no interest in any long-lasting relationships other than being friends.

Should your requests begin with, “I have been looking all my life for someone like you” or “I read your profile, and I was impressed because I want…”  Anyway, you get my point—should any request start with love, affection—anything to do with that sort of stuff, I will probably decline your request.

I do not mean to judge your purpose, and I hope that you will soon find who or what it is that you are looking for—but I am not lonely and in need of a loving relationship; I am also not rich—I have no money to give to you.  If you are looking for any medical, psychological, legal, or financial advice—I am not a doctor, psychologist, lawyer, or financial adviser—you’d do better with Ms. Google.

Again, I love having friends—I especially enjoy being a friend.

With honor and respect,


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