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May 11, 2014

Dear Friend (unnamed),

No, I didn't miss your question, "Which part--what part of Mexico?" Actually, I was avoiding it. But now I think to avoid your likelihood of asking me again, I will tell you now why I was avoiding it and will probably keep doing so.

I have had to learn the hard way that one needs to use prudence and yes, sometimes caution when communicating online.

I have had more than one visitor come and visit me at various places I that had been staying or visiting.

I do a lot of traveling. I have been traveling, "being on the road", since leaving my home in 1959.

Anyway, since the Internet, I have been keeping in contact with all my friends and "family" of whom I have met along "my way". And I am always adding new contacts via such sites as Ebaby English to establish "rendezvous" or check points for other such "travelings".

Anyway, while chatting, I have at times been too "place" or "people" specific.

No, usually it wouldn't be a problem, but as you may have seen, I can be a bit opinionated or free with giving out my opinions.

Case in point #1: Once, I had some boys come to my department, apartment, flat, etc., where I had been staying while in Africa. These boys were good boys really. One was African the other was an American.

Anyway, they came to teach (share) their religion with me. Now that wasn't so bad--I enjoy talking about such things. What bothered me was that they had gotten my direction from someone that I had been chatting with on QQ!

Note: this hadn't been such a bad experience, but I should have learned something from it--but obviously I hadn't.

Case in point #2: I had been discussing the attempted takeover of one country over another country with a "victim" of this "war". I thought that all my words had been in a private conversation-- a one-o-one.

However, I actually was paid a private visit at the school that I had been teaching German at by two political delegates from this country (unnamed)!

Case in point #3: from here on Ebaby, I found out that a certain person (unnamed and non-gender specific) had contacted the firm (unnamed) of a place (unnamed) that I had been doing business with when setting up a "safe-water" system for a small city (unnamed). This firm then personally contacted me. They accused me of having a "conflict of interest". It turned out that this person (again, unnamed and non-gender specific) was or is a sales rep from a leading competitor of the company that "we" had been doing business with!

I am sharing with you these histories/experiences more as a friendly gesture, and not as an attempt to set any mood of paranoia or fear. I am not even telling you to be cautious-- frankly, I don't care. It's just that you have asked in what part I am--and I am telling you, don't worry about the small stuff. I simply enjoy chatting and getting to know others. Should we ever meet face-to-ace, then I will be more detailed as to your interest.

I thank you for your understanding and friendship,

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