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May 29, 2012

I really need a place to record my new life in Shanghai.

I arrived in SH on last Sunday, and everything is quite new here, while my first impression of this sophisticated mordern city is not that good as I expected, anyway, by comparison with Xiamen, which is a nice and lovely city I lived for five years. The temparatuer here varies greatly between day and night. It is just my own feeling, however my uncle family do not get.

I come to SH because I passed interviews of an SH office of a UK company. I've got no friend here and had to live in my uncle's house. My aunt is a very kind woman with three daughters, and two of them have been abroad. She treats me as her fourth daughter, caring about my accomondation and safety.

Today is my second day at work. Everything goes well, the transportation situation and time are under my estimation, except my uncomfortable feeling of crowdy people and confusion of many metro exits. People walk quickly on the road, and no one talks in the metro. It seems like a lifeless world.

There is a shopping centre with many restaurants next to our office. People working in this building have lunches there. I went to Burger King for lunch yesterday as I only took 20 yuan, and Burger King offers cheapest 18 yuan Monday set meal. There are many coffee shop around, and colleagus like having a cup of coffee after luch. Leisure work, hah? I do not know, I still need spent some time to get used to the life and work.

One of my colleagu is Vlad, and he's a Russian. His whole name is too long to remember, and we just call him Vlad for short. Linda is a beautiful and tall local girl and speaks fluent English...