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August 2, 2009

now  in  summer wacation ,my  high school  teacher  give  me  lot  of  homework. it's too  tirerong to finish  it .  so  for Reducing pressure   ,i making the pupptets now . but i  can't  find  Beautiful cloth  to  make  .so  i  Cut the previous school uniforms  to  make puppets .  now  i  have  maked  three  puppets  ,i  very  like  them  .  they  are  cute  and  individualize . oh  ,i  haven't  take photos  for  my  puppets  ,when  i  take photos  ,i  w'll Upload pictures  in  english -baby  to give  every peple of  look   my   profile . i  hope each  people can  enjoy  my  Works  .  thanks ~~~~~~~~:P

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