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July 26, 2009

now  ,i am  fatter  and  fatter  , because i  eat  a  placenta accidentally, my  mother  said  if  i  eat  that ,i  will  bacome  fat  and    Won't grow .Oh ,i  think  I was one of the world's most unfortunate girl  .  That is the children's day  ,i was  hungry  when  i  go  to  home ,i   saw   A plate of eggs  in  the  table  ,so  ,i  eat  it.  than  ,my  mother  come  back   ,she  was  shot  at  me  :you  eat  the  eggs?" "yes ,my  mom.what's  wrong?""I put the placenta and eggs together to give your  grand  mother  to  eat"  my  god  , i    I very want to spit it out  ,but  i  can't  . so  now  i  become  fat  really.  so  i  have  to  play  Badminton to  become  thin .it's  really  tired!!!

July 26, 2009

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