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Entering into My World?

April 25, 2009


January 29, 2009

     Can anyone here know better of wolf and the subtle relation between two wolves---as one is male and the other is female????

      As being a wolf, he is intended by nature to be wild ,seductive, powerful, aggressive as well as curious, patient , intelligent, persistent, cooperative and loyal.

    Wolf is destined to be cold and tough to his adversaries while, on the contrary, remaining to be dedicated and faithful to his allies.

    Symbolized as a acute observer and hunter, wolf is capable and talented for capturing his preys which are desirable enough for him. But what if the  distinctive flavor and lure of the pray comes up too tasteful to eat only by his barely mouth?? He might be in a dilemma, and gradually losses his mere lust for her flesh but begins to develop feelings about her. Hence, it is where he has being in a dilemma.

    If say, two wolves are both attracted by each other, its better to alter that to be more of a challenge---mutual seduction.  Nevertheless neither party can definitely admit that he or she has ever deliberately seduced the other.

    Hesitation is by no means a feature of wolf, however in this sharp and unveiling phase, they become not that determined or affirmative as ever, and that they both have met the hard times of their choice of life.

    She--the female wolf--is afraid and kind of cowered to be too exposed to her male wolf's wildness as well as tenderness and charm, for she has been trapped and hurt many many times.

    To make it real ,living in the same cave, they have to resist the seductive attraction and reduce their instinctively possessive desire. Try Not to be entirely naked in front of  each other.

November 12, 2008


Today were Yesterday,

I would never expect it to come.


Today is exactly Today,

I rejoice at yesterday's rapidly racing



fears and anguish.

IF Today's being Tomorrow,

I will fullfill my ambition and aspirations,

                                   deeming tomorrow's being as                                                         today's strenuous strivings.