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Entering into My World?

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September 17, 2008

How many days and nights have I been numb or playing numb before I sensed a gust of weakness, being aching in strong sobriety?

Life never goes the way as you have expected, and things always occur in which you could hardly apprehend and handle. I mean we are not designated to pay high expectation to some sort of thing which just bring disappointment or blues. In this way, keeping your emotions in a slothful insensitivity is the key to lead a simple and flat life. So being numb might be a resourceful policy? My answer is Not Yet! Just feel like aftereffects of alcohol--- vacancy and misery. Do not ever do as fooling yourself as a numb alcoholic.

Through all the time I am trying to make a balance between my minds and feelings. As is often the case my minds control feelings or even defeat it. However, have my minds conquered feelings genuinely? No, otherwise I wouldn’t feel helpless without apathy on that sleepless night.

Ecstasy brings enthusiasm and motive to your life but gradually end up vanishing into the air on the way to your destination. Furious and depressed ? Oh, that is not what you are supposed to be for you are not authorized to blame others. It is where you put too high expectation on others goes completely wrong. And don’t ever claim too much which is not yours or you don’t deserve. Just help yourself out of struggling with what your idea life should be and make others feel easy to the extent of another equilibrium !

Hope bursts the way as balloon when it is consistently filled with air due to your failure of proper cognition. Being killed in sprout isn’t  cruel and ruinous thought as you or the killer has imagined. All you have to learn is to get accustomed to the rule of life game. But remember to farewell to numbness, and never expect much nor claim much before everything upsets you.

Fill your hands with something tangible
and fly your love like a flag
and destroy the desire for that which is impossible
and accept what you get with a smile

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View all entries from Entering into My World? >

11:17 AM Sep 19 2008

wolf boy

wolf boy

 hi  how are u  i just want to say hi to u

05:35 AM Sep 17 2008


I'm so moved by your essay. I can't agree any more.