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Entering into My World?

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October 11, 2008

    No! They are beautiful, for they beautify our homeland and our thoughts and minds. They are real beauties not only in the eyes of an artist, a writer, or a musician but also in your eyes or mine.

    However not everyone possesses that sort of far-sighted and unique perspective. Sometimes it is the angel and attitude you choose to look at things and then they are beautified in the hands of an artist or even yourself!

    For others who are cocky and contemptuous (maybe a small part of people),they might probably look down on these low status working class and show apathy on them, let alone the personification of  "beautiful" .That throng  of people Do exist in every corner of the world who actually play  a necessary part of social development though it is marked with decayed immorality.

    And for the working class who struggle for a better life, how many of them can be so aware of just being a cleaner through all his lifetime while still perceiving it as beautiful as ever since life has been so cruel to them? Might any of them not have once dreamed of a different and much better life as of the people who titivate them or even despise them?

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View all entries from Entering into My World? >

10:30 AM Oct 12 2008

United States

That's a nice blog entry.  ~smiles~


I see two street cleaners on the way to work everyday.  At first, they didn't understand why I was saying hello to them, but I explained a saying to them, that is in America.


"It doesn't matter if your a king on high or a little street sweeper, sooner or later we all dance with the reaper"


This means that it doesn't matter what we are, we still all die  and there's really no differences in status.  One is no more important than the other. 



09:00 PM Oct 11 2008

Kyle A

Kyle A
United States

I like the way you think.

11:37 AM Oct 11 2008



Yes, these people should even be admired for what they do.
Wish they knew that there're still someone who recognize them
and appreciate their work.

Next time we meet them on street, we should greet them,
"thank you for making our world a better place."