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Entering into My World?

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October 18, 2008

     Among my friends ,Emmanuel Obe is a particular one who is studying in Austria as a junior student at university.

       He is much like a giant to me with a height of 196cm.His facial skin appears much darker when he grins with his pearly teeth .Emmanuel enjoys making faces to me, turning the camera into his personal mirror ,and seems to be oblivious of the surrounding .Additionally ,he is an active person who can’t help dancing to music when life is a little boring here .Due to his tall figure ,he often hits the lamp above or the furniture around from time to time .As a response ,he draws his arms or legs back immediately and then continues his dance .Sometimes ,he also shows his martial arts which is a little awful actually .Anyway ,he has a magic to make the stuffy air flow happily ,spreading the joy around to me.

       However ,I See a different Emmanuel when he becomes unexpectedly quiet .A big pair of childish eyes sometimes speaks of some sort of gloom and sadness ,and simultaneously his naughtiness and innocence are gone .Bitterness feed on him who seems to has no more strength to continue living .All these can be read through his helpless and spiritless vacant eyes .He sits there without a word ,and all his mental defenses collapse the moment when I try to comfort him .Thus ,he turns his camera away ,hiding his face in case that I could see his teary eyes .No efforts will do for him ,because his emotion is reaching a climax which is completely out of control .When met with this situation ,it is better to leave him alone for recovery.

      Generally speaking ,Emmanuel is a friend to be well trusted and cared.

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View all entries from Entering into My World? >