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Princess of dreams


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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May 29, 2010

 Hi Hi!!! Pink angel is here with best wishes for you!!


How are the things with you? Do you enjoy your life? Do you have fun with your friends?

Do you want to know more about me? I'm a girl with a lot of dreams and wishes! Well you know, I live in my dreams… It may seem a little funny, but it's not really.

I'm sociable and I love making new friends and communicating with new people…

But there is something really important about me: I hate Liar .

And now about my appearance: A tall girl with a cute face

I love pink… And everything in my room is pink… Well It's the reason why everybody calls me pink angel…!!

Hey look at this cute little girl:

That's all for now. In next post I will say more. Bye for now!!!


01:52 AM Jun 25 2010



That's so lovely.Living in ur dreams.

I also live in my dreams,although sometimes unable to return to reality.

But I have so many good dreams make me feel relax and happy :-)

03:22 AM May 30 2010



wow pink angel you realy angel so cute but because you've said that you hate liars so is that you in the picture?...thank

12:32 AM May 30 2010


:) cute... Pink is so nice to be seen... Enjoy your life with pink in everywhere... :)