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United States

May 17, 2009

Hi friends! I hope you’ve all been staying busy these past few weeks and are having fun doing it! We just finished up some new episodes for the soap series and as I always say, you won’t be disappointed! It is always so fun filming. One of the biggest challenges though with doing English Baby is trying to speak slower! In normal everyday life, I generally talk really fast. I actually speak a lot faster than my friends and it gets worse when I have a lot of caffeine or sugar in me, words begin to slur and I concoct up new words. But speaking slower definitely makes me think more about what I am trying to say and I think it’s a good habit to put into place, especially when trying to help people learn English.

This month, I’ve been staying pretty busy. I decided to throw a Metallic-colored theme party this month just for the heck of it. I did not realize how much effort and time went into party planning. It is a tedious task. Have you ever had to throw a party? How was the experience for you? I feel like there was a lot of unnecessary stress I put upon myself but in the end, the party turned out fantastic. Here are some photos from the party!

 Metallic Party


  Metallic Party


Metallic Party 


I also did some traveling this month! I went to California and New York!

In California, I went to San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto and Vallejo. It was a lot of fun. One of things I was really excited to visit was the Winchester Mystery House! I am a big history buff and the story that surrounds the Winchester house is very interesting. I had wanted to visit this place for many years so it was a thrill to finally go! You can probably google the Winchester house to find a more comprehensive history, but I will give you a quick low-down. Basically, the house was built by Sarah Winchester, of the Winchester rifle fortune. What makes this house so interesting is that Sarah was building this house under the direction of a psychic who told her there was a curse on her family due to all the lives lost as a result of people that died from Winchester weapons. In order to protect herself, she had to basically build a house that she could live in with the spirits. One of the conditions was that she could never stop building or she would die, so as long as Sarah was alive, the house was under nonstop construction, even through the night and on holidays!

Winchester House 


The most fascinating thing about this house is all the trap-doors, tricks and oddities that comprise it. There are stairs that lead up to the ceiling, doors that open up to nowhere, closet doors that are really just walls and many other weird things. The house was beautiful and the plants surrounding the house were just as amazing. It was a wonderful experience!


In San Francisco, my friends and I visited Chinatown, which was very interesting. We bought a lot of neat little trinkets. We also went to a very cool Mediterranean restaurant where we smoked hookah and I danced with a belly dancer! We also drove on the most crooked street in the city and visited the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very fun trip!



From San Francisco, I flew over to the east coast to New York City! I have been in NYC before, so I got a lot of the touristy things out of the way at that time, so this time I really wanted to experience the typical life of a New Yorker. My friends and I went out at night to a lot to different clubs and restaurants.




I also had a photo shoot while I was there. Thomas Subtil, the photographer, did an amazing job! http://www.thomassubtil.com



 The life and pace of New York City is so fast. The attitude is very, GO GO GO, so it was fun trying to adjust to that. I did a lot of shopping, one of my favorite past times and attended parties. It was sad to leave, but I was happy to be home!

Now that I am back, it’s back to the daily grind of everyday life! Work, sleep, and eat on constant rotation. It’s good to be back!

Well friends, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the new lessons! We’ve been working hard to make sure the lessons are fun and jam packed full of new words you can incorporate into your everyday life!   

Like always, stay safe and have fun wherever in the world you are!!

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08:23 AM Jun 09 2009


Hi Ella,

It is a nice ,informative and knowledgeable blog.I am very impressed by it.I am in learning stage of english so please if any mistake plz let me know.


02:17 AM Jun 03 2009



nice ;)

09:21 AM Jun 01 2009

faysal abdi

hi Ella it's me jaamac from djibouti.

then Ella thanks to sent your beautfuil picture and it's fun as i read it was so amusing and also your freinds were so good so that is all byee and thanks

08:10 AM May 31 2009


helo Ella, how many beautiful girls, hum!!!!!

07:08 PM May 30 2009


hello ella haw are u going ?

can we know each other ?

03:32 AM May 30 2009




   I can imagine how you enjoyed it Ella .It's cool your pitures. like i mean your blog .

01:22 PM May 29 2009

mazin moon

HELLO ELLA, the life and pace of new york city IS so fast.  or the pace of life of new york city is

01:20 PM May 29 2009




01:15 PM May 29 2009

mazin moon

HELLO ELLA, thanks a million .I have been learned more and more with Ebaby,

08:47 AM May 29 2009


Dominican Republic

It`s good to go out and have fun very now and then because the same old grind of everyday is quite tiring.

06:41 AM May 29 2009



i enjoyed watching your blog very much

i'd like to be friends


please write to me


03:04 AM May 29 2009


thank you

01:13 AM May 29 2009


hi ella,

nacho, from spain.

thanks for giving me 10 beautiful minutes sharing your time and improving my poor english.


01:00 AM May 29 2009


ni hao Ella

ni hen piaoliang 你很漂亮

wo xihuan ni hen duo 我喜欢你很多。。

i have 


09:57 PM May 28 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi it was nice blog i am from iran and i am tring my best to improve my english.do you have any experiance how can i do to get the best resoult and faster?

09:55 PM May 28 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi it was nice blog i am from iran and i am mtring my best to improve my english.

09:11 PM May 28 2009

Viet Nam

 Dear Ella,

 I am very surprise that it has a nice girl invited me into her blog. Who are you ?, where are you from. are you the englel that come to me and make friend with me ? is it the dream?



12:32 PM May 26 2009


hello Ella.  I get e-mail. now I right you, but my english not goot. I start to learn english new. altauht I wrightin you. Have a nice night and all happy life. İf you also were wright me,  you can wriht me. Long hair beatifull. on the picture you are seen very good.

05:14 PM May 19 2009



hi nice blog

06:53 PM May 17 2009


Thank you for sharing ^^

I enjoy reading ur blogWink

06:37 PM May 17 2009


hi, nice to meet you, i come from China. would you like to be my friend. my msn is wolf9201@hotmail.com