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United States

August 26, 2009

I have decided that August is my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but there are no national holidays in the United States to distract from it! At English, baby!, we've been working hard to produce some great lessons for you. Especially with the soaps, the plot is thickening. Since inheriting $200,000, Devan has been contemplating what to do with all that money. And I've been thinking the same thing! 

1. Pay off debt

2. Put 1/3 in savings

3. Give $$ to friends and family

4. Travel

5. Charity

Speaking of travel, I kicked off the beginning of August in New York. New York has definitely become one of my favorite cities. I had a great time. I stayed in my own apartment so I really felt like a New Yorker. I went to visit my friend in Southampton which was an amazing place. So much fun!

After returning home, I had some birthday celebrations. I did a fancy dinner with some close friends and then had a bowling party, courtesy of Dale! Here are some pictures from those celebrations!






In other news, although I didn't have any photo shoots this month, I recently found a book cover I did from over a year ago. It is quite a funny story. My friend had been reading a book and had told me the main character on the cover looked EXACTLY like me. I had not seen the cover, so I had her send me the name of the book, and behold, it actually was me on the cover! I hear the book is really good too, so if you want to check it out, it is called The Fruit of My Lipstick by Shelley Adina!

Well Ebaby! friends, August has been great, full of parties, celebrations and surprises. I'm heading to the beach this weekend and then Canada next week so I will have tons of adventures to share. Like always, be safe and have fun wherever in the world you are!

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View all entries from Ella's World >

09:42 AM Nov 08 2009


hiii ..its sumnesh belated..or tooo belated happy b'day..,may your life full with al happyness..and all your dreams come true...all pics are nice..

11:49 PM Sep 07 2009


Hi, Ella! what a amazing August you have! I'm really happy you share your wonderful time with us although i somewhat envy, cos i have to stay at office during the whole days of Auguest;)

06:48 AM Sep 03 2009


Hi Ella.

Yeah I think, it's  pretty much exactly u on the cover of this book and I figured, maybe u know her? Your add's really interesting and I liked the pictures too! They're just like ... they're excellent and great!  I wish I'd meet u one  day in real life and  I feel like I'll be at a loss 4 words if that happens )))  

 And I don't really think that u will look up 4 me. Anyway this's my e'mail: eric.cnn@gmail.com 

06:36 AM Sep 03 2009



Hi! How are you? You are very beauty.....

I want to be you friend


06:08 AM Sep 03 2009


  • nice pic ella and you make your freind happy with you so you are a good freind                   this is my mail               nageblover_noga@hotmail.com

05:44 AM Sep 03 2009


Syrian Arab Republic


i like your blog very much


 i think you have exciting life

and you have good friends

so i hope to be one of them

see you bye

03:26 AM Sep 03 2009




you are very nice

nice to meet you here


02:55 AM Sep 03 2009

Li Lei

happy everyday !

07:58 AM Aug 27 2009

jamal faraji

i took all your photos to add them to mine

07:49 AM Aug 27 2009

jamal faraji

hi ella your log is really fantastic you look very kind happy beautiful and also you friends are good i love being your friend   lachhab from morocco 24years old msn han.dso@hotmail.fr  bye bye keep you shining smile