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November 29, 2009

Hi Ebaby! friends,

It’s been a while since my last post! I hope everyone has learned a lot of new words that you’re using with friends and family! What do you think about Ella’s new superpower of telepathy? I wish I was really telekinetic in real life! What super power would you want to have?

As usual, I’ve been staying busy traveling and working! I ended up going to Washington DC for Halloween! It was quite a fabulous trip. It was great to see old friends and all the historical monuments of America. I went to visit the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Washington Monument and the National History Museum.





For Halloween, my friends and I got dressed up and went out on the town. There were so many interesting costumes! It was a good time. I spent a lot of time shopping and I have to say that Georgetown is definitely in my top ten list of the best shopping places I’ve been!




I also went to Seattle, Washington, to see Jay-Z in concert! It was such a treat because NERD, Wale and Memphis Bleek also performed! I was quite pleased. I’m not a big fan of Seattle, but it was worth it to see Jay-Z in concert.



In other news, I did a runway show for Corazzo designs (http://www.corazzo.net/). You can actually watch the show here:

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2331406  See if you can find me!

I also did a photoshoot with a very talented photographer named Michael Sessions. Here’s what made the final cut and you can check out his other works at http://michaelsessionsphotography.com:

As I type this, I am vacationing in Florida for Thanksgiving break. This is where I grew up. I’m here for one week visiting family and childhood friends. I’m very excited about being here because my best friend Rosie is with me! I love showing her all the sights of where I grew up. Stay tuned for photos next time!

Have fun and stay safe wherever in the world you are!! Til next time...

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View all entries from Ella's World >

05:47 PM Jan 05 2010

Hannah zhou

ok, welcome to china, and ill be your guide.

07:17 AM Nov 30 2009



As you had visited each of these places, I would be interested in knowing what feelings you had.  I mean were you able to connect to a history that may be somewhat controversial with much of the rest of the world?

I mean to mention that I am not as “anti-US” as maybe many people of the world seems to be – as even are some of my personal friends.  I am thinking that much of this attitude is more a matter of being fashionable than any true hatred or indifference towards the US.

I have had an opportunity to travel some around the world and it seems kind of ironic that so many people say that they hate the US and her politics, but on the other hand so many of these very same people would sale all but maybe their souls to get there – maybe even that.

Anyway, I would like to hear your feelings.


Again, with love and respect,