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United States

May 28, 2010

Hi friends! Hope you are doing well! I sure am, however the weather here in the Northwest has been almost unbearable. There has been constant rain for almost 2 weeks! I'm usually not one to complain about the rain, I actually don't mind it because it is refreshing, but its just been WAY TOO MUCH! One upside though is that the mountain is getting snow and by now, you all know I love to snowboard! I went up to Timberline resort a few times already and it has been great with tons of fresh powder!

This month, my travels took me back to San Francisco. It seems I've been making monthly trips there. Anyway, I decided to drive instead of fly this time and it was definitely a different experience. We took highway 101 which is historic for its views and enormous redwood trees. One of the stops we went to allowed us to drive through a tree! It was amazing as you can see below.


Other than staying busy with work, travels and fun, I've been doing well. Sometimes it makes me want to slow down and relax, but I'll do that when I'm old. 

Well, stay safe and have fun wherever in the world you are!!!

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View all entries from Ella's World >

06:17 AM Aug 27 2011

aby mathews

I love sun and travelling ....but i love rainy days too. the sound at night with the wind..mansoon feel ....my childhood...rainy days never say good -bye

07:42 PM Jul 26 2011



you are a beautiful and a sexy girl   ,,my summer holiday  is spend  with  some kids in a school  .i just want  to improve  my speaking english ,may be that is a good  way ,    nice  to meet you ...

02:13 PM Jun 28 2010



mmm, the pictures are very interesting and I like travell for a river of sierra region.. Its very exciting..

In my country (Loja-Ecuador) is temperate. it's calm and nice.. I like travell in the Vilcabambaturis in my city of Loja.. It's very beautiful and calm.. Bye Bye

06:44 PM Jun 27 2010

BiG AmBiTioN
Saudi Arabia

hiya just i wanna say thiS Rain rain Dont go away & come here to my home :D :D

08:06 AM Jun 16 2010


South Korea

Hi Ella~

u look so great~!^^*

i agree about  the last sentence that i;ll do when  im old."

i like to work.cuz we are young.Yeah~~


08:56 PM Jun 15 2010


haiii  ella

very nice place there i m too like rain very much ....i m frm kerala now bigns raining season here..


10:08 PM Jun 12 2010



Amazing. I hope I'll see redwood trees in real.

01:02 PM Jun 10 2010


Hi ella

i'm happy for you but rain can't not go away is't normal phenomal. but if you came to my country you will be happy because it'isn't raining à lot.

09:28 AM May 31 2010

baidehi bose

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09:21 AM May 31 2010

baidehi bose

08:56 AM May 31 2010


nice pics.........

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09:58 AM May 29 2010

United States

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I do agree with your opinion.Its gets really frustrating sometime.



07:21 AM May 29 2010

United States

That second photo is SICK!!!!! What kind of camera is that?

06:04 AM May 29 2010


Syrian Arab Republic

ella,ella..you can't ask rain to go away,rain is a music played by angels tears,who are

begging the god to take away their immortality so they may feel for a tiny moment how it's like to be in love, to be hurt ,to cry,to be human....you see,rain shows us the great things we have inside ,so :rain rain don't go away,ella is just kidding,please don't go away.....take care ella,thanks for sharing :)

11:25 PM May 28 2010


Hello, Ella, Same weather with your city, Rain everyday, It is wet everywhere, Hope the rain go far far away soon.