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Emily YJY

Emily YJY


January 8, 2008

       How time flies! I have been in this company for 3 months. Still remember the first day I came here. A lot of strange colleagues, a lot of strange things, and the unknown future! During these 3 months, I got a lot of things! And now, I make a decision that I wanna write down my feelings of working in this company in English words.
       I have never touched the society so nearly before I began this work. During the first month, I went several places. As there was no cashier here, I should go to many banks and deal with the money. Those days ,I am always outdoors. Though it is a little hard, but I learned a lot of knowledges about bank. And I should book tickets of train and airplane. Sometimes, I need to go to some government places such as Tax Bureau and Industrial and Commercial Bureau...Different places make me to touch different specialities and different persons, and of course, this is a big fortune to me. It is very valuable for me!
      After a new cashier came here, I can finally have a rest. I may only stay at the office, not get out at one time. I like it, as it is so stable and sets my heart at rest. I have much free time,not too busy like before. What I need to do is just sending some emails and doing some easy things at the office,just like fax, scan and typewriting etc. And so, now, I can write down my feelings here when I am still working. From now on, I should work harder and harder, as I have nothing to complain. Before the Spring Festival, I have decided not to change my job, just work hard and enjoy my job! Maybe I have another feeling after the Spring Festival. So, I don't wanna concede myself, just follow my inclinations. Anything according to my feelings!
       Ohh, my unknown future! The future is waiting for me to create! What I can do now is just working harder and harder,and hope my dream will come true. Wish everything is O.K.! Have a good future!

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10:42 PM Jan 08 2008


hello gald  to meet you 

i graduated this  year  too  and  worked half a year

i like  english and  maybe  we  can make friends  and  im prove english  together

thank you