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My dream , my imagination

lily zeng

lily zeng


November 18, 2008

Today i met one of my friend in the net, we haven't seen each other for a long time, we have talked for a while in the net,  and after that she called me, we said many things, my study, her job, and the the life when we were in the high school. she also told me  her trouble feeling about the men and love.

I have no social experience, and don't know how complex the people's  communication is. many things i have to learn, many communication skills i have to manage. that she told me i will meet this problem when i am graduating from the university.

love you, my friend!

August 24, 2008

   we have known each other for two years, but we don't seen each other in the real world. we just met in the net. i don't know when i begin to have feeling with him.

   i just know i miss him very much, i always want to know what he doing now, whether he miss me or not...... many feelings about him  perplex me, liking the sugar, but some time feel a little bitter. 

   we have conformed the love relation, but sometimes i am worried about us. i don't know why, he said  he love me, but i am not very sure, i have no confident about the love.


09:30 PM Dec 04 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

after 5 years, can you gain any true confidence in love?

December 10, 2007

I need someone

I need someone can comfort me,

I hope there have arms can embrace me.

When I am not happy,

He can tell me a joke to make me delight;

When I feel helpless,

He can give me a big hug,

When I am weeping,

He can wipe the tears away for me,

When I feel low-spirited,

He can motivate me and cheer up for me..

I can do something for him

When he wants someone can listen to him,

I will tell him that I am the best listener to him.

When he feels upset, I’ll give him a bug and tell him,

I am always with you.

When he is tired, I’ll give him a cup of coffee,

And do a brisk massage for him.

When he has trouble in working,

I’ll give him advice to let him know where he should think in another way.

10:22 PM Aug 18 2008



The article you really good! I turn left Kazakhstan Oh ~ ~ am glad to know you, oh hope to become a good friend

05:09 AM Dec 10 2007


oh,if you can do anything for me ,let's be good friends.

04:40 AM Dec 10 2007