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November 14, 2007

     I like Chinese food most . It is said that it covers a culinary tradition of enormous range and long history , with more than 5000named dishes . Each dish is individually conceived . Flavors vary from the delicate to the electric . At its highest levels , like any fine art , Chinese cuisine aims to resonate with the soul . A great menu has themes and a narrative arc . Dishes may evoke the natural world , aspects of  civilization or the moods and phase of men's lives.                                    I think if I can eat 1000 kinds of Chinese food ,I will be one of be the happiest poeple in the world ! ha ha !    

November 11, 2007

   I'm live in China , I love my country very much .China is an ancient country has 5000 history , it  is a great nation since the ancient times .  Now it is being in a historical the critical period 。 In my opinion , it has many Shortcoming ,all i know .But I think it will become better and better .

12:27 AM Nov 12 2007

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

please send me an email if you dont mind,

farda13sobh@yahoo.com  , im  waiting for you

12:11 AM Nov 12 2007


ding ding ,i agree with you !

November 10, 2007

   today is my frist coming here,I only want to make my English better . before I don't like English , but now I find I start to love it .I think Ishoud grasp a foreign language. So Ichoose English.

   Please wish happiness to me!