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March 4, 2012

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River (n.)

Learn English Words - River

Rapids (n.)

Learn English Words - Rapids

"Rapids" are a part of the river where the water is fast and agitated.

Dam (n.)

Learn English Words - Dam

A dam is an artificial barrier constructed to control the flow of water.

Image source

Stream / Brook / Creek (n.)

Learn English Words - Stream

A stream, brook, or creek is smaller than a river.

Waterfall (n.)

Learn English Words - Waterfall

Flood (n. and v.)

Learn English Words - Flood

An area is flooded when there is too much water.

Image source

Swamp (n.)

Learn English Words - Swamp

A swamp is an area with lots of water and vegetation.

Image source

Lake (n.)

Learn English Words - Lake

A lake is surrounded on all sides by land.

Reservoir (n.)

Learn English Words - Reservoir

A reservoir is an artificial lake created to store water.

 Image by Daniel Case

Pond (n.)

Learn English Words - Pond

A pond is smaller than a lake.

Puddle (n.)

Learn English Words - Puddle

Puddles are the small pools of water that appear after it rains.

Ocean / Sea (n.)

Learn English Words - Ocean

Oceans cover more than 70% of the earth's surface.

Oceans have salt water. The water that we drink (without salt) is called fresh water.

Wave (n.)

Learn English Words - Wave

Drop (n.) / Drip (v.)

Learn English Words - Drop

A little bit of water is called a "drop." When it falls, that action is called "dripping"

Pour (v.)

Learn English Words - Pour

When you transfer liquid from one place to another, you "pour" it.

Splash (n. and v.)

Learn English Words - Splash

When you make water fly, this action is called "splashing"

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View all entries from Espresso English Blog >

02:53 PM Mar 09 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank you dear teacher. very useful and wonderful words they were but some pictures were more wonderous  they just made me daydreamKiss

thank you my dear buddy

10:02 PM Mar 04 2012


good leaning material.thank you very much