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July 3, 2017

In the pursuit of the purifiation of our spirit:

The anger is the disease well known as the compilation of all the espritual diseases inside the heart because of the enormous harmful effects and consequences that produces.

What happens if we are in the middle of the ocean and we stop moving our arms? We can sink easily, isn’t it?, so, it is the same example about anger: if we are not alert about this, it can easily grow more and more and our heart will sink deepe inside until we are be able to do or say terrible things that we’d never would like to do or say.

Once, a man asked for an advice from a very wise man: -Tell me master, what is the best way to approach to God?-, -The wise said, “good mood”, he turned to the right and said, “good mood”, he turned to the left and said to to all of them: “good mood”, finally, he turned back and said: -Haven’t you got it yet?: “Do not get mad”-. Then, another man asked - Tell me wise man, what is the most important fact in relation to the  obedicence to God?-. The wise man answered -His wrath-, the man said, -Oh, and how can I avoid God’s wrath?-, the wise man said – Don’t be angry- .

So, If we don’t wish to provoke God’s wrath, so don’t fill ourselves with anger. As we  treat others, we will be treated by God in this life and in the next one.

Control over anger is extremely important, it is the key to get a good mood  and good mood is the key to get closer to God. On the other hand, to improve our feelings Will take away from us the punishment.

The advice "do not get angry" doesn’t mean not never feel angry, because even the wise man was angry sometimes, and all human beings are able to feel angry.

Sometimes anger is necessary to defend against unfair causes and oppression. Without defense, people would be doing unfair deeds and nobody would stop evilness.

The advice given means to get angry at the right time, with the right person and on the proper extent. When this feeling does not transmute into something good for the person, then it can destroy us.

The advice of the wise man meant "do not let your anger take control over you: Don’t lose control".

Anger is as our pet, if we do not train it , it can attack us. We need to train our anger, to reorient those harm feelings to go to our advantage and not against us.

We can find inside human soul 4 essential qualities: The first one is "the reasoning", it refers to the knowledge.  

On second place we have "the emotions", the root of this quality is the anger.

One of the reasons behind the ban on alcohol is that usually, when people get drunk, they are prone to anger, and they becomes belligerent; the root of their soul is exposed and manifested to everybody.  

On third place, there are "the desires."

The fourth quality is the power, or the strength that harmonizes the last three mentioned qualities. It is through this last quality that the person can reach the balance.

In relation to this last quality We have the following: 1.- Wisdom. 2.- The courage. 3.- Moderation, temperance and 4.- Fairness.

When "reasoning" is in balance the result is wisdom. "Who has been given wisdom, it has been given a lot of good." When the intellect of human being is not enough, so the result is stupidity, the human being does, says and thinks stupid things. On the other hand, when intelligence is excessive, the person could become a manipulator and use his intellect to deceive, as a tool to convince and dominate people around him.

The courage. It is the middle point when the person loses control and is able to act wrong that once calmly returns, he regrets. On the other side we have the cowardice, is when the person is too afraid to act. Both sides are wrong, the first one for being excessive and the second one for being insufficient.

 “Brave is the one whose heart does not tremble when the rest of hearts do”.

It is important to don’t confuse bravery as rudeness, because a rude person can be cowardly and a soft, merciful, delicate person may be the bravest.

Temperance and / or modesty. It refers to the middle point between disinterest: when the person has no desire of any kind and is indifferent to everything, and the opposite side to when the person is enslaved by their own desires and is no table to get the control. So, the virtue is in temperance, which is the balance between these two points.


Fairness is defined by its opposite: unfariness.

Now, when the three above mentioned elements are in balance, the person is fair; But when they are unbalanced,, so the person is unfair and considered as a person who can easily oppresses himself and oppresses others.

"Eat and drink, but don’t fall into excesses." God, in his wisdom has created a perfect system in which we feel satiated, and if we eat more or less, we are oppressing our soul that is connected to our body.

"The worst container you can fill is the stomach." What does this mean? It means that the right of the stomach is one third of water, one third of food and one third of air. The same happends on sexual desire, if it is expressed in the form and by the right conditions expressed by God is good, health and brings benefit to our spirit, but if the limits are not respected, then the soul is oppressed. Who has set this balance is God through His wisdom, therefore, if the human being wants to be healthy physically and spiritually so he has no choice but to respect God’s laws. That is the reason why is our duty to respect and live under His laws. "I have not created death and life except to see who is the best in actions.”

Therefore, as imperfect humans, our goal is to achieve this balance, adopt these good qualities and to gain control over ourselves.

Why people get angry?:

The first reason is in relation to basic needs, food, clothing, housing, health, life. In this first category the anger is normal, in fact, if someone doesn’t get angry in this case, he is considered as a stupid, because if someone is attacking our lives, we must react: as long as we do not oppress anyone, since the defense of our food, home, family, is not enough justification to oppress others.

On second place we have everything related to the dignity. When the person feels undervalued. This could be true or false because there are many people who see themselves much bigger than they really are. The believer should set limits but just to  extent point limit.  Our Creator’s advise is: "have patience about the others say".

This point doesn’t means that we must jump to hit a first on someone’s face when feel insulted, not at all, we are exhorted to be patient. When humiliation exceed certain limits, and whether someone is humiliating us or our brother, it is logical that we defend and  respond by demanding our rights, that is logic and fair, but it is different to defend than to oppress, and there is NO reason to oppress others “never”.

Even so, the advice is to stop seeing ourselves and give up our ego as much as possible.


Ways to heal and to purify the heart from wrath:

"Those who repress their anger and forgive."

Once, a man had a servant, one day the servant spills a drink on his owner. The owner was very angry but the servant said "-Those who repress their anger-," the owner said; "-I repress it-," the servant said "-and those who forgive-" the owner said “-I forgive you-", finally the  the servant said "-God loves the people of excellence-," the owner said  "-You are free-" and released him.

Therefore, the believer who fear, respect and love God, must be that way. When is reminded about the limits of our Creator, immediately submit without excuses.

The first way to get heal is to remember trough the mind and from deep insde the heart, how much God loves the lowliness. We must be aware that all virtues we have are a gift that our Creator gave us because of His generosity and not because we deserve it.

However, when people do not realize it, usually think that all virtues belong to them by their own merits, that all people must take in consideration their atributes and if others don’t do, then the anger comes.

So, the "Me" has usually these features: bad deeds and big neediness, seing ourselves, but if there is no "Me" to see, so there is no "Me" to offend,  and who realizes it won’t be easily angered because won’t be easily alluded when someone offends or insults. So, ego is a very important reason why people get angry.

"Whoever is humble, God rise him, whoever rises, God humbles him."

On the other hand, when anger fills our heart, we can eliminate it and repress it when we realize the test may comes from God.

So, when something drives us crazy, we should think this could be a test that expect our  reaction and we should approve or not the test.

"The strong man is not one able to throw others, but the one who is able to control his anger."

Usually anger grows more and more until only God knows what can happen. If you watch people when they argue, the tone begins raising and grows until they almost stand up. This is the essence of the anger, that grows and grows until is on a high level and it is hard to get it down.

So it is very important to educate us again on right path to find the control balance through the faith and the patience, and seek refuge in our Creator of our own internal evil in order to stop spread evilness inside us, as the cancer grows and sick the body, death comes, on the same way, anger kills our soul and our spirit'd die. A person with a spirit that died, can not feel mercy, has no regrets, no feelings, and is death in life.

 “Anger could affects even the best of us”, so we should be aware of all the explained points and don't forget it at the moment of anger.


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08:11 AM Jul 15 2017


Dear Paul:

I'm so glad u like my blog. 

It is not my knowledge, I just did the translation, I got it from a conference. The knowledge belongs to Allah, He is merciful and let us know abt this important topics. 

All praise belongs to Allah!

Thank u very much for ur comments. :)

11:03 AM Jul 11 2017


United States

This is really good Eva. I've read it several times and every time I understand a little more. You've made really good points.

Did you write this yourself? It's very ambitious (a big job). 

"The advice given means to get angry at the right time, with the right person and on the proper extent. When this feeling does not transmute into something good for the person, then it can destroy us."

Brilliant truth.