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July 21, 2008

      where am i  going?

      i do not know....


February 8, 2008

sometimes I imagine to leave you, but i can not.
So sweet smile, so lovely, so beautiful....
I have never met a girl so understand, so care about me.
That’s all of you,
I don't know when did i become so love you,
I can not stop it.  
I know that i was not made many promises to you,

but i can promise to you that i can love you forever.
That’s my biggest promise.

Do you remember my past words?
I said that i will not leave you in this live.
Now i just can use my action (hard study and hard work...) to make a good future.
So my girl don't lost the confidence and the hope...
I don't care how many difficult in the future,
I just care about you....
Don’t leave me, let’s together meet the future,
if you believe, I believe, that’s enough.
Then we must can do it...
i love you my girl.
Can you feel my love?
i can feel you ...