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December 2, 2008

中国官员采取行动结束计程车司机暴力罢工 (Chinese Officials Move to End Violent Taxi Strike)

Authorities in southwestern China have agreed to address some of the complaints behind a taxi driver strike on Monday that triggered an outburst of violence. The local government in Chongqing, China's fourth-largest city, promised today (Tuesday) to review how earnings are divided between taxi companies and drivers.

Taxi drivers claim they are being exploited. Officials also promised to boost natural gas supplies and crack down on unlicensed drivers.



Hundreds of angry taxi drivers went on strike Monday to protest high operating costs, low taxi fares, heavy traffic fines, fuel shortages and other problems. The protest turned violent as strikers attacked drivers who refused to join in.

The official Xinhua news agency said at least 20 vehicles were damaged, including some police cars. But there were no reports of injuries or arrests. Xinhua says about 800 drivers have returned to work after talking with officials on Monday.

China says Japanese soy sauce,coffee imports tainted

China says,food inspectors in a northern province have found dangerous sustances in soy sauce and coffee imported from Japan.The Guangdong inspections and quarantine Bureau said on its web site today(Tuesday) that its inspectors in the city of Tianjin discovered that Japanese soy sauce contained arsenic levels five times higher than permitted.

The product safety agency also said that imported Japanese coffee had twice the allowable level of copper.
Japanese officials had no immediate reaction to today's charges.

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