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July 8, 2008

    I  am beginning to like study english!but the level of english hearing is very slowly!i want to improve it few days!

     I come here .find friend,study english and write some thing in english!

July 6, 2008

A "Woman Wronged"?

Hillary Diane Rodham was born in Chicago,Illinois,on October 26,1947.After graduating from Wellesley College in l969,Hillary enrolled in Yale Law School,and met BiII Clinton,a fellow law student
Hillary married Bill in l975.Their daughter,Chelsea,was born in 1980.

希拉里·戴安·罗德曼于19471026出生于伊利诺斯州的芝加哥。1969年从韦利斯利大学毕业后,希拉里被耶鲁大学的法学院录取,在那儿她遇到了学法律的同窗比尔·克林顿,两人在1975年结婚,1980年女儿切尔西出世。On several recent occasions Hillary Clinton has put on a brave face.As President Clinton tried to repair the damage to his family life after admitting his affair with Monica Lewinsky,Hillary said she still loved him,she stood by her husband as sexual harassment was made by Paula Jones,and went on television once again to deny the Monica Lewinsky scandal on her husband's behalf.在最近出席的一些场合上,希拉里·克林顿展现的都是一张勇敢的面孔。正当克休顿总统承认了他与莫尼卡·莱温斯基有染后而竭力要修补家庭生活的创伤之时,希拉里说她依然爱着他。在保拉·琼斯的性骚扰案件中,她支持着她的丈夫,并且又一次代表她丈夫挺身而出,在电视上否认莫尼卡·莱温斯基丑闻之说。In the beginning of the 1996presidential election,there was a moment of triumph for both of the Clinton:a highlight of the political partnership that has taken them from Little Rock,Arknsas,to the White House.Hillary Rodham Clinton is a trailblazer in her own righta talented lawyer who has done pioneering work on civil rights and childcare.She is also,of course,the victim the woman wrongedUnaware that as they returned to Washington,BiII Clinton was enjoying an intimate relationship with a White House intern,half her age.From the start,she has insisted that she is not the downtrodden wife.Since her marriage,she has herself entered political life.President Clinton appointed her to head his controversial health,care reform in the early years of his presidency The scheme was meant to provide all Americans with health in surance.1996年初的总统大选中有克林顿夫妇大获全胜的一刻:政治上默契的协助把他们从阿肯色州的个石城带进了白宫。希拉里·罗德曼·克休顿本人就是一个先驱--身为一名才华横溢的律师,她在公民权利和儿童保健方面做了开创性的工作。当然,她亦是牺牲品,是个倍受委屈的女人。在重返华盛顿后,毫无察觉比尔·克林顿和年龄只有她一半的白宫实习生的亲密关系。自那起,她坚决不让自己再充任一个抬不起头的妻子角色。婚后她步入政界,被克林顿总统在总统任期的早期内指派负责颇有争议的保健制度改革。这个方案旨在为美国全民提供健康保险。然而方案和对希拉里的委任都遭受了强烈的指责。1993,这项改革没能通过国会,第一夫人便在其后几年中退出公众生活。However,both the scheme and Hillary's appointment were widely criticizedThe reform failed to pass through Congress in 1993,and the following year the First Lady withdrew from public life.However she later became embroiled in the Whitewater property scandalIn January l996,she was forced to stand before a federal criminal grand jury to answer questions about how some billing records that had been missing for several years had reappeared in the offices of her law firm.More recent1y,she has returned to the public stage,and has been actively promoting education and childcare.

但是后来她给卷入白水门事件中。19961,她迫不得已站在联邦刑事大陪审团前回答问题,一些失踪了几年的帐单记录怎么又会出现在她法律事务所的办公室里。前一段时间,她重返公众演台,在推动教育和儿童保健方面一直相当活跃。After her husband's admission of an affair with Monica Lewinsky,she knew everybody was watching her.Some cynics have spoken about a marriage of onvenience,others are asking how she can Dossibly stay.

在她丈夫承认与莫尼卡·莱温斯基有染后,希拉里明白大家都在注视着她。有些人冷言冷语地说这是桩交易性的大婚姻,另外一些人则问她怎么可能还能再忍受下去。"It is the only thing that people in Washington are talking about,and I have a feeling that around the country it is the same thing.Everybody wants to know how does she feel,what is really going on inside Hillary Clinton,"ays Leslie Milk from The Washingtonian magazine.“整个华盛顿就只在谈论着这件事,我感觉在全国也一样。每个人都想知道她在想些什么,希拉里·克林顿的真实想法是什么。《华盛顿》杂志的雷丝莉·谬可这么说道。She is said by friends to be utterly furious with her husband in private but determined that they should not give in to his political enemies.

据她的朋友们说,希拉里私下里对她丈夫勃然大怒,然而她决定他俩绝不向政敌低头。When the Clintons first arrived in Washington,D.C.,Hillary felt that she had not only public responsibilities as First Lady but also the important private responsibility to make the historic,and formal,White House into a true home for her husband and daughter Chelsea.

And she did it.