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August 10, 2007

The freestyle is known as the fastest swim stroke.

Step One
Visualize a line running down the center of your body from your chin to your chest. This line is the axis upon which your whole body should pivot, and it should extend horizontally in the direction you are swimming.
Step Two
Keep your legs straight, but not rigid, with your toes pointed out, and kick up and down. Continue kicking the entire time.
Step Three
Move your arms in a windmill motion opposite each other. While one arm is extended completely out, the other should be all the way back, almost against the side of your body.
Step Four
Cup your hands and pull the extended arm through the water beneath your body. Bend your arm at the elbow and draw your fingertips along the imaginary line down the center of your body.
Step Five
Lift your other arm out of the water and move it all the way forward as the first arm is pulling beneath you. Bend at the elbow and drag your fingertips along the surface of the water. Penetrate the water with your fingertips and completely extend the arm.
Step Six
Breathe on one side by turning your head to that side as the arm comes out of the water.
Tips & Warnings
Stretch each stroke out as much as possible without ever pausing from the windmill motion.
Remain horizontal in the water. A strong kick will keep your legs from sinking behind you.
As you pull your hands through the water, keep them cupped firmly, but not rigidly. Fingers should be held just slightly apart.
Your kick should not make a big splash, but rather, should just churn the surface of the water.

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