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August 19, 2008

A few days ago in the male 50meter rifle three kinds of posture finals ,American famous athlete emmons lost his medal in the last fire,which suprised his wife and people at the present.what's worse,he also lost his medal  due to the last fire in 2004 olympic games .I t's a pity that this superior athlete let the medal sneak off hisself two times.Is he under great pressure or he can't get out the shadow of failure?I can't say it clear.but this reminds me of my experience.

Last year,when I was a senior 3 student,I thought it was not difficult for me to enter university ,so I didn't make my every effort.finally,I was addmitted into the university which I didn't like  at all.as a determined girl.I couldn't accept this result and began study once more.Hard as I can,I gave up my hobby,lost contact with my friends.However,the night before the university entrance exam,I could't fall asleep until 3 o'clock.I was looking forwards to my success ,but in the meanmile,I was afriad that I will fail again though I paidout many;I was afriad that  some relatives and colleages from my parents will lagugh at me if I fail;I was afraid to see my parents sobbing sadly.......I didn't know why so many boring things appeared in my mind that night,but now ,I understand gradually.the biggest enemy of us are ourselves.only we defeat ourselves and overcome the difficulty,can we really succeed some day!

ps:now I am expecting my future life in university~~~~

August 9, 2008

As a chinese,I am proud that the 29th olympic games is held in my country.hooray~~August 8th,2008,a exciting and unforgettable day,was the celebration of chinese and people all over the world.the olympic  openning directed by yimou zhang was so grand that it had shocked everyone.not only did the olympic openning present the long history of china and the human spirt,but it also shown the development of modern china.thanks to the hard work by so many people,we could see the evolution of chinese character,magnificent taijiquan,peaceful pigeon>0<

wish all the athletes can make good progress ...and china,sure win!

12:26 PM Aug 09 2008

fresh heart
United Arab Emirates

hi ,, how are u ?Smile

yeah i watched it on TV , It was an amazing opening at this time hope i was there hehe ~.~

they were really worked hard for that day ...

wish good luck to all the athletes ^^

August 6, 2008

Thanks to  my senior friend,I finally become a member of english baby``happy``>0<

I like english very much,hopeted that can share feelings,thoughts with  various countries' friends~~and above all,improve my english ability!