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love diary

August 31, 2007

every move I make

I make in you

lord take the wheel,

he doesn't ask you to be successful,

he asks you to be faithful.


Just to be faithful,

God will make it!

He will arrange the best ,

everything in your life! 



July 16, 2007

Today I was chatting with quying when we talked about my love,she is a good friend but the topic is not so good.

I didn't know what he told pai until just now.

I was dating with another boy,such a big lie!

Is man always better at telling lies?

July 14, 2007

It has been for 22days for the vacation.
I wonder how he is  in his country.

Yesterday his countryfolk asked me
whether I would going back with them
when we were cooking in the kitchen .

Everytime when we talked about this topic ,
I don't know what to say.

We all have good wishes,
but the reality is different with ideality.

Life is suffering the same as enjoying.