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United Kingdom

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August 24, 2010

I have got my new camera .

and i am happy! yay!



06:48 AM Aug 24 2010



very nice! ^^ now u'll enjoy more to take pictures :D hmmm... we all are waiting ur new pictures with new camera! :D im the first one! ;P

July 20, 2010


Okai. everyone understand "happiness" in their own way.

For somebody love is the happiness and for somebody else -money.

My happiness is my new camera that i will receive on 3rd august!

I am so satisfied!


01:42 AM Jul 20 2010


United Kingdom

happiness is an important thing!

so good luck ;p

01:26 AM Jul 20 2010


Syrian Arab Republic

hey:) great definition of happiness....i hope you enjoy your new camera:)

it's a wonderful thing to find our happiness in stuped small thing every day,

and my happiness today will be in winning my match at 6 pm(i'm a footballer)

so wish me luck:)

May 14, 2010

I heard someone knocking at the door hidden from the world.

I heard someone moaning in pain after it, but I was afraid to open the door.
I heard someone help calling

I could hear  death was walking by someone after stepping on that damn door.
I Heard- nothing .. just quiet.
I opened the door with fear in my heart and eyes.
Down was what i have waiting for five years.
In green dress, with cold body and in hands with a note that said:
"God sent me to you. He said that you are waiting for me.Here i am!suprise! !"
And I've remembered them .. others say "Hope dies last."
She died and now what remains?
I sat on the hard and cold sofa, I closed my eyes full of fear.
And i could hear my heart beating slowly and less frequently until I have not heard.



Sad moment!

01:13 AM Jun 25 2010



hello friend

at the beginning, i have reading u article

it just like charming poet that i had studied in primary school

then i could not understand  what your write more or less

some ideas looks like into the entry

But, in my opinion,we should embrace  the colourful life

good luck!