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United Kingdom

January 14, 2010

Life is short . And people around us make our life more beautiful, interesting,happy and even sad.

Everyone has her-his own person that they admire; a superstar or a teacher.But my ideal person is my mother.She is a strong and beautiful woman,always happy and never shows the pain from her heart. Her eyes give me hope, her voice gives me power. When she hugs me I feel like I can fly,I can touch the sky and catch the wind.

Every morning is like a new life, i can hear  her voice ,I can hug and kiss her pink cheeks.

When outside is rainy day and I can’t see the light of the sun –she gives me that.

When outside snowflakes are falling she just gives me a reason to smile because I don’t like what happens after the snow.

My mom is everything for me.My reason to smile ,my reason to breath, my hope,my life.

I can’t imagine that I will not hear her sweet voice.

Everyone loves their mother,but my feeling are different ,I’m different- not like others.

Weekend are my favorite days ,I can finally be with her and my daddy after a long week of hard work.

I wrote earlier that she doesn’t show her pain .But my soul and heart feels that something is wrong and I missed it.

And I try to cry with her when she wants to cry. Anyway out life is beautiful and I am afraid to lose it!

I just love my mom!!

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09:27 PM Oct 04 2011


Coolur blog is coooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep it up!!!!11


03:50 PM Jan 18 2011



i dont wven know you, havent talked to you before... but i read it and it is so wonderful..! im sure youre not like others, thats why i write this.

05:41 AM Aug 02 2010


thi composition is so nice  xD

i congratulate you ;)

06:34 AM May 14 2010


United Kingdom

thx dudes!

i really love her .and nothing can change it!

hOPe your love for your mom is big as mine.

05:22 AM May 04 2010


you wrote a much sensetive article. ı am  very affect from your article. ı celebrate to you for your article. ı hope you and your mom will be happy. have good day. take care you

10:48 PM Jan 14 2010



It's really so sweet of you.. I can feel your deep love from your mom.. If your mom read this, I think she'll be moved by you.. you're a loving daughter.. keep it up. Love your parents every single day of your life. Smile Don't make the same mistake that I did before.. ciao Have a nice day!!

10:47 PM Jan 14 2010


yes you really love your mother from your words.i like my mother too .she is also a brave and easy-going person.i wont be afraid as long as she is behind me . best wishes to your mother and you and your family .