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Jane Doe's blurb :D

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


April 14, 2008

Life was good to me but you just made it better. I love the way you stand by me through any kind of weather. I won't runaway, all I want to do is make your day.


when you feel the world is on your shoulder, you know that I'll be here and it's all that matter.. I want to be where you are, hearing your voice all around even when the place that surround us is going down.

God and you are the will that make me strong every single day.  

If I ever alone in this world I know I'll always find me in your arms.Knowing you'd breathe new life from within. It was the best day in my life when I woke up and you sleep, here in my arms. It just like the world just shuts down for awhile and time was frozen. That was when I found some peace and belief in this smile. I just can't get enough of you..

I love you John...

Always and in all ways,



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06:40 AM Apr 16 2008

Miss Sunshine

 YOU ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!!! hihihihi

02:43 AM Apr 14 2008


United States

that was beautiful very nice
I liked your words you seem like a person thats sweet and kind

very goodSmile