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Jane Doe's blurb :D

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


April 17, 2008

my grand pa just died and what I'm doing is being a post whore over here...

still kinda shocked n waiting for flight.

here's an email i got from John Doe. it's like a nice warm fireplace during the storm..

Subject: 20 reasons Because
To :janedoe

1.Because you Love my daughter.
2.Because you can make me smile without even trying.
3.Because you put up with me even though I'm stupid and lazy.
4.Because your emotional feminine moments are less frequent then most women I have known.
5.Because after over a year knowing you you are still able to turn me on by implying that I might get a show during the conversation.
6.Because of your eyes.
7.Because of your heart.
8.Because of your spirit.
9.Because you love God enough for both of us. lol.
10.Because even when I get emotionally female you still put up with me.
11.Because you like my drunken sweet talk.
12.Because you're totally random and silly
13.Because I can't remember being without you.
14.Because I can't imagine being without you.
15.Because you buy me pink boxer
16.Because I have to made some videos for you and had my friends make fun of me. lol
17.Because Jane Doe sounds good.
18.Because your mom adores me.
19.Because you speak cute English.
20.Because I had never known what love was supposed to be untill I met you.


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