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Jane Doe's blurb :D

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


April 14, 2008

My days lately seems normal..well a bit chaos here and there but it's pretty normal.

I'm looking forward to visit Singapore and Philippines..hmm I'm going to meet some girls from ebaby!! yay!!!!!!!

I've been working on preparing some legal papers that will be use for civil wedding registration in Singapore...I need to make sure everything will be ok or we wouldn't be able to get married.

I wonder how does it feel to arrange a big wedding for the bride because seriously, I am arranging a civil wedding only with some private guests and I already went crazy.lol. I'm still dealing with papers, accommodation,  schedule and stuffs..

Not that I want a big wedding though. okay I don't want a big one..I just want an elegant one, a nice down to earth close to nature kind of wedding. but civil wedding will do because at least the sex is legal now :P no just kidding. being recognize as husband and wife by the law is what important to me.

I'm trying to fit some budget in this civil wedding so we won't spend a lot but it will still be unforgettable moment since it'll be my first marriage and the last. It'll be Mr. Doe's second marriage so it makes him really wanted to have a big wedding for us..we will have a church wedding in US and I love the idea.

Now, arranging your wedding and the trip alone can be frustrating but  I enjoyed it..I can't wait to meet my John Doe again Laughing

We've been on a slippery road for the last couple of day but he said it's because of me being in the flag and his insensitivity.. 

I love how I never be able to mad at him more than 2 hours. Not a good sign for me though he said every 2 hours moments are forever.lol.

Ps: this dress is 900 bucks..do you think it's a great deal or not?


01:48 AM May 22 2008



well, it's so beautiful ! Wish you happy !

By the way, may i try to make friends with you ?

i don't know how to contact you,but you can contact me, my MSN is :tranhoanivn@hotmail.com

I'm looking foward to your reply