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Russian Federation

March 21, 2009

well, I think, that the time of setting up my blog has come. Here will be no serious notes - just facts of my life, my dreams, and, of course, my minds.

Allow me introduce myself: 

My name is Elina. I live in a small-small town in Russia. I study at the university, i'm glad to say. My birthday will be soon! In may, when spring dirt will disappear) I love my life, my new-life, i'm glad my friends!  I love music. I'm trying to study play piano))

Well, i thing that yo've seen who i am))

P.S. The new life comes!

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10:08 AM Mar 21 2009


Saudi Arabia


Welcome to the new life ^^

It's nice to share your writings here.. I'd like to read more of what you write ,,

by the way, what do you study ?

see ya around Elina

08:33 AM Mar 21 2009


hello, I´d like to improve my english. I joined  here before few minutes and. Could you help me? :) just answer please, I haven´t got any post yet.