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Just my thought




July 11, 2009


       Everyday is a learning experience... Yes you read it right! There is a one thing comes into my mind right now is to let's go back from the basics if we're made a mistake either choosing unsound decision because you didn't think hundred times before you make a decision. We learned from our mistakes and life is trial and error no one will ever say which one is right or wrong because of our conviction or status in life.

A brand new day with full of dreams and goals in life.......

04:07 PM Jul 12 2009


Syrian Arab Republic

nice blog and nice words. have a nice day !

07:57 AM Jul 11 2009


Russian Federation

A wonderful treating of the world!

I dare to say that it's correct as positive thinking and taking everything with gratitude is  the shortest way to happiness.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

June 13, 2009

Life is really unfair

Some people are success, others failed

Some are lucky, other  are looser

Some are rich, other are poor

Some people are smart others aren't

Why this things happen?

Why life is so unfair?


Unfair! Unfair!!




12:34 AM Jul 12 2009

nabiha joe

nabiha joe

hello  ; Im really agree with you that sometimes life is unfiar with us , but you  have to think in yourself  and what you have , whats your talent , what you can do for yourself, and your communication and then you will get your place in this life .   break aleg

11:45 PM Jul 11 2009

nabiha joe

nabiha joe


05:14 AM Jun 15 2009



You know guys, If we were striving for the benefit for ourselves that would be fine but you know, as far as we go in our dreams we might find people are really lucky. Do you think it is fair?

01:49 PM Jun 13 2009

*** NANA ***

we can be rich , scientists or whatever

if we work hard and think deeply ..

I agree with you that sometimes

we fell that we miss most of things

but after a while if we start to

think deeply we can find

that there are a lot of things

that we have and others not ....

10:44 AM Jun 13 2009



 My friend,i'm not agree with you. Success,wealth,intellect and even luck will certainly come if someone isn't sitting around twiddling one's hands.  :)

May 18, 2009

There is nothing wrong to be silent at all times and it does not mean I am weak, I like to be in silent mode.This is me, simple, moody and sensitive in a way that I'm responsible to my thoughts and actions.I know my strengths and weaknesses. I would like to have a simple and happy life and contented on what I have right now. I have lots of dreams and goals in my life. My path in life is differs from others.Yes, Life is what you make it. having a simple life is really far from earthy things like posses in many  material things.

God bless.




08:30 AM May 18 2009



That's very true. People are not always as they might seem. Some may do a lot are active but we don't know what is behide the closed door. How do we know if they are really in control of their life. Sometimes we just have to listen through silence. ^^ And I guess it's ok to want things as long as it's not excessive.:) Good luck