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April 7, 2009

  While waiting for the next station, we’re sitting near the sliding door; she gave me her daughter’s picture. I was surprised when I looked at it, my heart palpitates so very fast and I felt that my blood has stop circulating inside my vain. I looked at her face and she was smiled at me. I thought I was dreaming that time, She’s the grand mother of the girl I’m fighting for , and I said “what a coincidence ” and I can’t imagined how this incident came into a new ending, I mean, I’m starting to get over and move on. I do believed that this old woman is link between the girl I love most and the mother of her mother (her grandmother) I asked her, ma’am who is she? (  how stupid I am , I asked her grand daughter’s name pretending that I really don’t know who was that girl in that picture)  and she said , she’s Kristine,  and I said she’s so lovely and gorgeous!, yes she is, said the old woman, then she looked at window trying to figure out the loneliness of  the night. She quickly grabbed her baggage and slowly stand up and she said I’ll go ahead son, don’t worry , she is waiting for you,  trust me, while the train was stop  then  she walked so fast until she reached the sliding door to open.  After few seconds my attention focused on the shimmering window pane. The old woman gone, but her face marks in my mind.  

To be continued…… 

To all blog readers, I would like to  thank you for reading my blog. 

April 6, 2009

 I’m standing on the left shoulder of the train and trying to figure out the difference between us and I’m totally mess up with your reasons and I really don’t know what you are thinking. Should I need to leave you alone? Nor forget about the past? The thing is you always here in my mind and I can’t live without your presence. I need you in my life, It doesn’t matter what they say about us and this love is killing me.  While inside the train I saw a lady with long black hair and it seems she’s familiar to me and then after few seconds my eyes focused on window pane and trying to reminisce all the thing she said it was 8:25 pm when I received a sms from her and I grab my phone to read it suddenly my tears fell down and I return my phone into my bag. The only music that I heard while inside the train is the soft voices of children and the sounds of foot steps of the passengers.  While riding, of course I was standing near the sliding door and my tears won’t stop an old lady gave me her handkerchief  but I refused and she said what is wrong with you young man? And I said nothing its just problem and I’m fine now. Are you sure? She said,Yes, ma’am, stop crying she said, and she offer me a seat then we talked. This old woman reminds me of  my grand mother her advices marks on my heart and my brain, she’s so nice to me and then  she told me that she was going to drop by  to the next station.

To be continued…….


04:26 AM Apr 06 2009



  I'm looking forward to seeing the end of the story :)

March 27, 2009

Hi, I'm back!!! well I watched Craig David's concert at Araneta coliseum and you know  me and my sister came home late just recently, Wow ! until now his songs mark in my mind now! It 's a huge party concert  and its really awesome and I really enjoyed it.