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May 23, 2011

When I travel, Monday's don't have much meaning. Most of the times it just means fewer people and smaller crowds depending on where I'm going that day. However, when I'm moving I usually don't even realize it's Monday. There's something powerful about not knowing, not caring, and not needing to know the day of the week. I wonder how it is to live like that long-term.

Now that I'm settled back in Japan and have a regular schedule, Monday's are very apparent to me. I usually have a test every Monday in my Japanese language class. I have to teach several classes. These aren't bad things, but Monday's usually mean back to work. Monday's have a bad reputation for this reason. 

I try not to blame Monday too much, but I do think it would be great to live in a timeless, thus dayless world. It would be more difficult to reference the future and therefore make plans in the future. Perhaps my mind would stay in the present more. That would be great. But, I think everything can seem better. There is plenty of happiness and ability to stay present in the this modern world.

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