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United States

May 25, 2011

Music is a big part of my life. I don't play any instruments really, but I enjoy listening. Different songs and different artists mark a certain time in my life. A song or album slips me back into that time. Whether a pleasant or depressing time it was, I enjoy remembering.

Music helps me look back at my life and see what I've done or what I haven't done. It helps me keep things in perspective. However, sometimes music can keep me in a certain state of mind for awhile. A rut, if you will. It can be difficult to get out of this and sometimes I need a break from my collection and turn on something I'm not used to. It usually does the trick, pops me out of the rut and back on track. 

Lyrics have different meanings for different people. Sometimes I don't even think the intention of the artist isn't alway important. What's important is that I relate to it somehow. Whether it just be the sounds or to the words in the way I interpret it.

Songs change, but stay the same. I recently put on an album I hadn't listened to for years. I heard things I don't remember hearing. I interpreted the lyrics completely different. It brought me back to a time in the past, but I see things differently now. 

Life is perspective. 

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View all entries from Go Travel English >

11:36 AM May 25 2011


Saudi Arabia

ho mr you are verey interesting pearson

thanks alot for the lesson