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May 30, 2008

Break up is a sad action for sweet heart!

But i was broken up with my girlfriend!

I don`t what happened !I don`t understand what`s about family disparity? I don`t think family disparity will impact relationship with us! I wanna together with you my sweet heart!

How are you feeling ? Do you know ? I felt very sad!! But this is in part of my grow ways! I will be fine ! I don`t angry with you! Beacuse this is your choice!

I hope you will be good in your since life! I hope you will find one guy who love you like me ! Whatever was happened before!Please forget it! Beacuse it is not important in our life !

wish you!    

May 25, 2008

In the end ! It is linkinpark`s song! I like it ! I like linkinpark! The song told me : Don`t care about some terrible things ! just do it ! if you wanna do! Do not give up! NO matter it is very bad or Very perfect! If you choice ! if it trying so hard!Do not give up! Just do it harder than everything you can do! Like the song words"In the end ,it doesn`t even matter!"

08:14 AM May 30 2008



OH ! I think study is very important things in my life! I wanna go to USA for studing software ! That is my desirability!

08:37 AM May 25 2008


hmmm like ur thoughts abt songs--- 1 question -- can't u do better or best than song ??

May 19, 2008

The chinese Earthquake is rocking me!

A lot of people died in the horrible events! The accident is a human`s terrible event! Lot of schools were dropped! Many high school students were died! Lot of parents lost their children! People lost their house and pocketbook! People were afraid everyday ,because aftershock will be happend 200 times everyday ! 

Here i am orison for stuffer calamity`s people! Hoping them will be Ok ! Hoping them will be good!

The news broken my heart! aftershock will happend today! My God  ! Please !Please Stop it! Please give them lots time to save survivers!Please!!!My GOD!!