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July 24, 2007

lesson 1


LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN!               

Students sometimes say: 'I don't listen to the BBC news
on the radio because it's too fast for me and I can't  
understand it.' That's a pity! When it's too fast for  
you, when you can't understand it, that is exactly when 
you NEED to listen to it!!!                             

How can you improve if you don't listen and     practise?

When you were a baby, did you understand your own   
language? When you were 3 weeks old, or 2 months, or 1
year, did you understand everything? Of course not! But
you *learned* to understand by *listening*. Think about 
it. You learned to understand your own language by      
listening, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After that,   
you learned to speak. Then you learned to read. And then
you learned to write. *But listening came first!*        

       By/ HAMDY . OMAR                                              



02:24 AM Jul 25 2007



English is a World-language ...

Everbody must learn it very clearly....

Everybody must talk it as if it is her/his mother-language...