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February 27, 2011

Recently, I'm thinking about my life, and my future.

I'm try to find the freedom that I never have, while at the same time, I wanna enjoy every moment in the campus, study is not always the same thing I deserve to to, and social life, movies, music and travel should also adding to my life journey.

I am thinking about whereabout my future road, I know that I am very young now, I'm a kinda of person who likes to writing all the time, like quite life but at the same time, really wants to have some intimate or close heart friend, no matter in the reality or online, I just try to find someone to communicate from the buttom of the heart, and try to stuggle for living in this life.

I do really like writing very much, since I was a kid, then I had been wrote about six notebook. I find its a good way for konwing myself, for understand my metal world. Often, for the most of the time, I always talking to myself and try to be the really, truly myself.

Someday, I wanna travel as much as country, I wanna away with my parents and my family, I wanna write more books and learn more about this world.

But living in the moment, makes me feel very lonely, but sometimes I‘m really love to be along, I don't know why, just feel like this way....

 TALKING ONE LANGUAGE IS my another favorite song recently, I would listen this song ten times a day.

I Just read one friend's blog, he told me that he loves music, for the most of time, he is still keep this special hobby. I think, maybe he wanna find something meaningful in life. Aslo, one of his blog has been mentioned about one fake super star, -Christian from Twilight, I think what he said its right, I guess, it is very easy to be a fake super star on E-baby.com

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