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March 1, 2011

   For all the years that the secret everybody try to uncover, so Here I gathered something information for about the useful Website for everybody to know, and also it would be great if you can keep it and save it all the time, because for learning and contacting different knowledge from the world, that's means you need to save time and do the most valuable things for you. So, neither about the Website, so as the following,I guess somebody already has collected some, while others still searing or on their  discovery way to find out.

Here I am, glad to introduce some of them of my favorite website that I used learn, the only way I do this, is because I wanna help those English learners  who desire to learn and improve better.

Not only I write in chinese for helping my friends in Mainland China, but also in English.

 First, Its www.Askmen.com

this is really a good website for learning the short clip online, and you can also know a lot of useful tips and ways of life, not only include about the Women, Men, Cooking, private life skill, ect, which attracts you a lot! Also, it's good for inspire you to creat your own video maybe on Facebook, or twitter. Don't forget about it!

 Secodn, its :http://businessonmain.msn.com/videos/bfc.aspx

This website is the perfert website  for those people who like business or doing business. And it can offer you the most valuable tips and let you know about others successful business story. you need to get ready for loving it, and for today, I found that most of the men are using The Social Network, using their technology or other related device to help their doing business. You need Teamwork, Resourse, find the target market, and investing it. That's really good. Aslo, I enjoy the background music of those thrilling interview video. 



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