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March 17, 2011

Today I just have a half day of class. So I decide to take it as a Sunday. Coz I know that I would be super busy on the weekend! 

My friend-Fish, she was supposed to be there with me-Garden Hotel!  

And todays lecture is about Momen's right and vote. I have been took the Subway with Another Russia Friend and his friend. And I was plan to go to Guangzhou Book Center with them, but I do really want to attend the lecture there and I really don't want to regret about my original plan!

So I catch the subway, and head to the Famouse Five-star Hotel, its near the Taojing road. that's is really a good place to go. Around Gardon Hotel, many foreign businessmen or travel lives here! So I can have a really good opportunity for chatting with foreigner here. But I think sometimes, you need to be careful about visitor here. So I think, maybe Star Bucks is really a good choice, because many people wanna stay there, take a break, and have a couple of coffee. So maybe I can find one or two for just chatting.

 sometimes, I just wanna know what's the real life of foreign people, what are they really doing? whats their attitude torwards life? which places did they usually go? etc..

I can't believe that I would generate so many unbelievable idea! Sometimes, after I read a magazine, I would pretend myself as a special person, wanna ask someone one question like this:  

if you have only 10 dollar, how did you use that in order to reduce carbon release?

It's that a really good question? maybe you would think, I will donate to someone else, or just buy a sofe drink or a sandwich?

is that right?

Think about life, I think I should be put more energy into practice my presentation skill in this year, and try to immutable movies actress 's pronouciation, try to learn American English well, and when I speak wonderful American English, then everybody would totally surprise by my voice!

 Today I feel really good, because I have run into Alex's brother again! His name is Jeff, and he is also teaching in our campus! He has two brother and two sisters, so its really a big family. the one is in Africa, the other is in Australia, his father is in Thailand!

Amazing, just one complete family totally separated while they are all aldults!

 Anyway, I have a good sandwith in Starbuck, and I also seen one guy try to learn speak French with another black guy! 

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View all entries from My Blog >

01:55 AM May 27 2011


it's good girl.