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February 29, 2008

    There are many reasons to be happy, but there is only one reason to be unhappy. That is, "desire".

    Most people care about fortune, power, sex... But the more we chase, the more we become unhappy. If we set up a goal, once achieved, then we have to set up the next goal. Chasing the materialized goal, such as money, position, or beauty, will never satisfy people. The bigger your wish, the bigger you get disappointed when the goal is achieved.

    The fact is, the process of chasing provides tremendous hapiness, but not the result.

    What do you do? Probably we should start setting up our gaol as a non-materialized ones. It is not difficut, if you can see through the surface. Down underneath is the fact. So, be a friend of mine and be happy with me.

06:31 AM Mar 10 2008


"there is only one reason to be unhappy,that is 'desire'"

good opinion!