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October 25, 2009

Hi guys

I am getting so many mails about senior photos u are asking me the meanning of it so I decided to write a blog about it cus I cant reply all of them one by one,sorry.

Senior photos are the ones that used in yearbooks and graduations at the school. When u are a senior student (that means u are in ur last year at the school) u get taken some photos  by a professional photographer and then u decide which ones will be used in ur graduation and ur yearbook they can be selfportraits and photos or with ur friends (in my case with my boyfriend Z.;P) about the social activities,sportive activities (if uare in a team like softball, basketball or u can be a cheerleader etc...) and clubs that u involve.

ok I guess thats all if u still wanna learn anything u can ask me and thanks all of u for ur sweet comments on my photos :))


take care 


01:45 AM Mar 18 2011

Xiao D

I am chinese people.I want to be friends with you.Can you help me with my English?

10:13 PM Mar 28 2010


hi my name is mon. i live in thailland. you so cute. i want your friend.

02:58 AM Nov 10 2009

Mel Aston

HI. i think it is very good to take photos, especially the photo reflects our best memories and the signs of our life and the past.

09:05 PM Oct 25 2009