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different ,,,,,,and similar

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Syrian Arab Republic

January 27, 2007

Every body on this earth is  different from the other in a way or another , but we all got that thing which makes us true human , it is that feeling when you just survived from an accident could kill you , it is that great feeling you get when you rescue a creature, when you make something important , it is that thing which makes you important in your eyes and in other people eyes . We are all from different nationalities , countries , cultures , religions but we are all the same in what we truly are , cause what ever you feel or think about other people cause of their look , color , nationality or any other thing , when a danger hit the earth we all become one group and one worksheet fighting for keeping our life .

and in the end we all prefere to have somebody whith us if we are in a far cold galaxy full of strange creatures ,  no matter who he is lol

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01:01 AM Jul 14 2007


ppl find a greater appreciation of life after going through such events