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My Favorite Pastime




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June 18, 2010

i like those pictures, because it makes me  feel  the beauty of ancient girls and remain me of the mysterious history of my motherland, i admire them and i alway dream about that whether there is a time machine so that i can go back to the TANG dynasty or SONG dynasty, whatever. just dream.

 after i think more about it, i  know it is better to be a modern girl, since in the ancient, women are not freedom and  discriminated against on account of their gender.

now , let me show you the most beautiful picture in my mind~~~

i think they are the most beautiful girl in the world ```

it is a kind of quiet and graceful beauty``` 

make us feel comfortable

it seems that you can't see it, so want to have a look, see it  in my photo album~~~O(∩_∩)O~

06:43 PM Dec 10 2010


United States

support you!

11:10 AM Jun 18 2010



thx for like it~~~~Wink

10:56 AM Jun 18 2010



all of them are very special especially the graceful girl.

April 9, 2009

China has a long history, so there are lots of traditional festivals in my motherland. Spring Festivel is the most famous and grand one among others. Here, I will tell you some of them!

1. Spring Sestival (also named Chinese New Year)

          As Chinese new year, it begin at the first day of our Chinese lunar calender, and last 15 days until the Lantern Festival comes. During the Spring Festival, all the family get together and enjoy the reunion. We visit our relations and say happy Chinese new year to them. What more exciting to our children is that we can dress new clothes and get the lucky money. No matter where are we study or work, we are look forward to coming back home for this festival, it’s tradition in china for nearly 2000 years. What’ more, people can enjoy one month holiday.

2. Qingming Festival (also named Tomb-sweeping Day)

           During this day, many people come back to their hometown, even if there are no one live. Because there are tomb of their ancestors. Their must be clear sweep the tomb each in this time, which can show our respect and esteem.

3. Double Seventh Festival (also named Chinese Valentine’s Day)

          Double Seventh Festival is at the 7th day of 7th lunar month and a tradition festival full of romance. It comes from a fairy story. The folk story is about a fairy fell in love with a mortal who name Niunlang, which breach the rules, so they were forced to part from one another. Moved by this poor lovers, thousands millions of magpies spent one year in bridging the sky and the land with their body, so that the fairy and Niulang can meet again in double seventh day at last.

4. Mid-autumn Festival

         It is also come from a folk story about Chang E.


Wow, I am tired now, stop writing```````o(∩_∩)o…

I don’t finish this article, there are so many stories and traditional festivel in China~~~o(∩_∩)o…

05:32 PM Mar 31 2010


United States

Good, very good.

04:00 AM Apr 18 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

so great

March 10, 2009

       My favorite pastime must be singing. I love music more than every thing. Whenever I listen to one song that moves my soul, I will forget all that pains of my life and get relaxation. It is a kind of medicine, healing the broken heart and clearing the tiny dirty thought.

     Music has appealed to me since I was in primary school. I sang songs in the celebration of any occasion, such as the New Year’s evening, the ceremony of new term, the singing competition and so on. Since then, singing became one part of my life. My big ambition is to open a concert in future.

      I have many pastimes, but singing is my favorite pastime. Maybe it is because that there are many feelings want to say in my mind but it is hard to find the proper word for me to express, I prefer to singing. During my leisure time, I choose to sing a song. One song can help me out of unhappy and lost. A beautiful sad song even can make me into tears. How wonderful is it!

      I sing in everywhere, on the way to my school, in the break during my classroom or lay on my bed before I sleep. Singing is an entertaining thing, and I will keep it on. No matter what happens, happiness or sadness, I will always sing a song to clam myself down to make me not over respond to it.

     I still remember the day that my friends and I went to karaoke in the last day of my high school. We mostly would be apart after we went to different university in different cities. We missed each other and were not willing to leave. That night, all the people sang the song  friend  together which is sing by Zhou Huajiang. This song expressed all the friendship among us.

     Music was a great attraction to me. I will pursue it for my whole life.