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My Favorite Pastime

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March 10, 2009

       My favorite pastime must be singing. I love music more than every thing. Whenever I listen to one song that moves my soul, I will forget all that pains of my life and get relaxation. It is a kind of medicine, healing the broken heart and clearing the tiny dirty thought.

     Music has appealed to me since I was in primary school. I sang songs in the celebration of any occasion, such as the New Year’s evening, the ceremony of new term, the singing competition and so on. Since then, singing became one part of my life. My big ambition is to open a concert in future.

      I have many pastimes, but singing is my favorite pastime. Maybe it is because that there are many feelings want to say in my mind but it is hard to find the proper word for me to express, I prefer to singing. During my leisure time, I choose to sing a song. One song can help me out of unhappy and lost. A beautiful sad song even can make me into tears. How wonderful is it!

      I sing in everywhere, on the way to my school, in the break during my classroom or lay on my bed before I sleep. Singing is an entertaining thing, and I will keep it on. No matter what happens, happiness or sadness, I will always sing a song to clam myself down to make me not over respond to it.

     I still remember the day that my friends and I went to karaoke in the last day of my high school. We mostly would be apart after we went to different university in different cities. We missed each other and were not willing to leave. That night, all the people sang the song  friend  together which is sing by Zhou Huajiang. This song expressed all the friendship among us.

     Music was a great attraction to me. I will pursue it for my whole life. 

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